Investment in factories, Taocheng brand as the guide, quickly open the glazed wall tiles domestic sales market;



Fotao Enterprise is listed in the top 500 industrial companies in China and is the only enterprise group in the national ceramics industry. 



The Buddhist and Tao enterprises were listed among the 512 enterprises supported by the state, and they are also one of the 70 large-scale enterprises that have been the focus of development in Guangdong Province.



Fotao Enterprise was included in the 120 high-tech pilot enterprise groups of the country, and its series of products were rated as "China recognized brand-name products."



Foshan Hemei Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established.



Smoothly launched the "Huimei" brand and achieved a multi-brand business structure.



Successfully passed ISO9001; 2000 international quality system certification.

It is recommended by the National Building Materials Authority and the National Building Materials Industry Association of the People's Republic of China for construction projects throughout the country.

Go out of the country and obtain the right to self-export, and obtain the "People's Republic of China Import and Export Qualification Certificate."



Certified by the China Light Industry Quality Certification Center as a Class A product for environmental protection ceramics.



China Quality Credit Evaluation Center awarded AAA quality credit enterprise.



The company has passed ISO14001 environment system certification and has become one of the few ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified companies in the industry.

Was named "National Construction Project Recommended Products."



Foshan City, the Consumer Council awarded the "integrity unit" title.



Hemei Company was rated as "One of the Top 100 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises with Most Competitive Strength" in Guangdong Province.

The company was awarded the title of "High-tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province".

The company was awarded the "Second-class Qualified Unit of Guangdong Province" and the "Jianghai New Materials Engineering Technology Research Center in Nanhai District", becoming one of the top ten architectural ceramics manufacturers in Nanhai District of Foshan City.

The new marketing headquarters of more than 11,000 square meters of Hemei Enterprise was completed in Huaxia Ceramics Expo City, symbolizing the development of the Group and Meimai Group.

Taocheng Tile was named "Guangdong Province Customer Satisfaction Product".



Taocheng tiles won the "Guangdong Famous Trademark" honor.

Accredited as “Outstanding Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Enterprise of Building Material Industry in Guangdong Province”

Was named "prominent contribution to the building materials industry in Guangdong Province 30 years of reform and opening up."

The company was approved to establish "Green Building Ceramics Research and Development Center in Foshan City."



Obtained the title of “private technology enterprise in Guangdong Province”.

Obtained the title of "National High-tech Enterprise".

Taocheng Tile won the title of "Chinese Ceramic Industry Famous Brand Product".



Acquired "Certificate of ceramic quality products".

Was named "clean production company in Guangdong Province."

Won the title of "Nanhai Charity Contribution Award",



Once again through the Guangdong Province two measurement assurance system certification.

Taocheng won the honorary title of "China's green, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building materials products."

Won the "Guangdong Provincial Model Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise" title.

Won the title of "Guangdong Province Building Materials Social Responsibility Model Enterprise".



The United States and the United States to the field of inkjet technology, Taocheng grand launch of inkjet tiles, all polished glaze series products.

Taocheng won the "Top Ten Ceramic Brand" honorary title.



The company passed the energy management system certification.

Thanks to the fifteen-year gratitude, we will work together to develop a new journey and celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the company.



Taocheng tiles won the title of "Top Ten Tile Brands".

Taocheng Tile won the title of "Top Ten Brands in China's Ceramic Industry".

Taocheng tile won the title of “National Engineering Building Material Preferred Brand”.

Taocheng tile won the "China's green environmental protection" honorary title.

Taocheng tiles were recognized by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce as "China's well-known trademarks."



Taocheng tile won the "Guangdong famous brand" honor.

Taocheng Tile won the title of “The 11th China Ceramics Industry's New Product List of the Year”.



Taocheng Ceramic Tile won the title of "The 12th China Ceramics Industry New Customer List".

Taocheng tile won the title of "Chinese Ceramic Industry Famous Brand Product".

Taocheng tile won the title of “National Engineering Building Material Preferred Brand”.

Taocheng Tile won the title of "Top Ten Brands in China's Ceramic Industry".



Taocheng Tile won the title of “Top Ten Ceramic Brands” issued by the 6th China Construction Sanitary Ceramics Brand Conference and the 2nd National Ceramics/Sanitary Ware Distributors Conference.

Taocheng Tiles was honored with the "Top 100 Ceramic Brands" awarded by the China Interior Decoration Association's Decorative Materials Supplying Professional Committee and the 2nd China House Building Materials Industry Summit & Ceramics Top 100 Brand Evaluation Results Presentation Conference.

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